I am Lydia Gómez Phipps, born and resident in Mallorca, graphic designer and illustrator.

My passion for the Mediterranean essence was the reason why one day I was encouraged to create a unique and different line of souvenirs, doing what I like the most: illustrate.

I create vintage illustrations, full of color, where I represent different islands and Mediterranean cities, to then translate them into several products, resulting in an original and very personal souvenir. 100% Mediterranean!

The majority of my products are manufactured in Spain, with the aim of boosting the market of small arts and crafts, as well as offering great quality.

And my small bit of Social Responsibility, since all the stationery is printed at Amadip-Esment, whose mission is that people with intellectual disabilities have the same job opportunities as other citizens.

Now, if you want … come in, take a look and hope you like it !!!